Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Route 2012 -Day 4 :: Snaefellsnes Peninsula - Reykholar (Part 1) - Djúpalon

The first night of camping was hard, as we travelled by plane from Spain to iceland we tried to limited the weight and the size of the baggage so we did not brought any kind of mattress , sleeping directly on the floor and feeling all the icelandic stones and humedity.

After the first hard night, we started to visit the Snaefellsness Peninsula , doing the first stop at the Djúpalon beach ,an small walking route from the road of 1 km.

From the beginning of the route, a fantastic view of the glacier reminded us where we were.

And at the end of the route a challenge was waiting for us, four stones, located on the sand measured the capacity of the icelanders to be sailors.

Amlódi (23 kg) , means failure and was the only stone I could lift. :-(
Halfdraettingur (54 kg) , means weak , I tried , twice, but I early understood that I am not prepared to be a Icelandic sailor.
Halfsterkur (100 kg), means half carrier, impossible for me.
Fullsterkur (154 kg), means full strong, I think nobody can lift this up.

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