Thursday, September 6, 2012

The beginning

 What is " The Hakushima Point ? Hakushima is the name of a National Park located in the japanese island of Oki, at the Japan Sea. This remote place is the poin where the distance to the wester and Easter places I have ever been is minimum. 

I have called this point "The Hakushima Point" and my aim is that my Hakushima Point change and change throughout the years

In addition to this , "The Hakushima Point" wants to be a place to express what travel means for me , comment my trips and my travel plans , what I see , what I learn ,What I like and what I dislike , what a trip gives to me ( before , durinf and after ) and write it here to help others  to organize similar trips and avoid my faults, or simply, to share my experiences.

I also pretend that this blog allows me to learn other ways to travel, other places. For this purpose I have created a e-mail adress to allow everybody to send comments,suggestions, proposals or to ask about everything which is in this blog. I have also created a twitter account although I am not very used to the social media, may be this blog could change this.
E-mail :
twitter : @hakushimapoint

At last , in all my adventures I always have a partner , my wife, the most of the photos of this blog are hers , the best photographer I know. A small part are mine and a very smal part, I hope minimum or almaost zero will be from internet.

I hope you enjoy it

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